The ISTQB® Foundation Level Certification (CTFL) provides the fundamental foundation of software testing knowledge, with practical and direct real-world applications. The syllabus provides a comprehensive understanding of the terminology and concepts used in the testing domain around the world, making it relevant to all software delivery approaches and practices, including: Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery.

Version 3.1 remains valid until May 9, 2024 (in the English language) and November 9, 2024 (in the other languages).

Version 4.0

Syllabus v4.0 (ENG)

Available for consultation and download, in English language.

Syllabus v4.0 (EN)

Coming soon.

The ISTQB® CT Foundation Level 4.0 Certification is suitable for any professional who has the need to demonstrate a working knowledge of the fundamental concepts in software testing, including: Testers; Test Analysts; Test Engineers; Test Consultants; Test Managers and Software Developers.

This level of certification is also recommended for all professionals who require basic knowledge in the area of software testing, including: Project Managers; Quality Managers; Software Development Managers; Business Managers and IT Directors.

ISTQB® CT Foundation Level 4.0 (ENG)

Informative overview, in English language.

ISTQB® CT Foundation Level 4.0 (EN)

Informative summary, in the Portuguese language.

By upgrading from Foundation Level, test professionals can benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge offered at all stages of their careers, and also have the opportunity to earn higher-level software testing qualifications, such as the Advanced and Expert Level core certifications.

Study Materials

Exam Preparation

Examples of questions covered in ISTQB® Exams.

Exam Preparation Answers

Compilation of answers to the Preparation Exam.