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Through the ISTQB® Exams page of our website, you will find all available ISTQB® Certifications, prerequisites, values, and supporting documents for self-study.
However, you can also contact us by e-mail rui.cardoso@pstqb.pt

Since March 2013 it has been possible to obtain ISTQB® CT Foundation Level certification by taking the exam in Portuguese.

Yes, ISTQB® certification exams do not required you to have training by a Training Provider.

At this moment, due to the pandemic that Portugal and the world are experiencing, the Certification Exams are being held remotely/online.
To book an ISTQB® Certification Exam, visit Exam booking page. For detailed information about this procedure, see our support guide for the realization of Remote Exams or send an e-mail to rui.cardoso@pstqb.pt

The ISTQB® Certification Exam, after control of the pandemic by COVID-19, may be held in either Lisbon or Porto. To enroll you should contact PSTQB through the e-mail rui.cardoso@pstqb.pt. The face-to-face Exams require at least 5 duly registered Candidates.

The following documentation is currently available for consultation on the ISTQB® Exams page of our site:

Syllabus: is the basis for the International Software Testing Qualification for each Level of ISTQB® Exam.

Standard Glossary of terms used in Software Testing: presents concepts, terms, and definitions intended to aid communication in the area of software testing and related disciplines.

In the case of remote/online Examscancellations can be made, up to a maximum of 3 business days before the date of the Exam.

For In-person Exams, cancellations can be made, up to a maximum of 10 business days before the exam date.

For both cases, when cancellation is made after payment, the Candidate will be able to take the Exam on a new date to be designated, according to availability.

Whenever the Candidate(s) cannot attend the Exam, they must give notice no later than 3 business days in the case of remote/online Exams, or 10 business days in the case of in person Exams.

When this is the case, you have the duty to justify your absence and the right to take the Exam on a new date to be designated by PSTQB;

If the candidate does not notify within this period and misses the exam date, it will be considered a no-show, having 5 working days to present the respective valid justification. If there is no justification, you will have to make a new booking and payment.

PSTQB does not conduct training activities, but collaborates with three entities that it recommends for training in the area of software quality and testing.

The Training Providers we recommend (in alphabetical order) are:

Prof.ª Ana Paiva, through FEUP: apaiva@fe.up.pt

SQS Portugal, through its partner OLISIPO: sqa@sqs.pt

WinTrust, through its partner RUMOS: qa-info@innowave.tech

TesterYou: info@testeryou.com