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At PSTQByou can take all ISTQB® Certifications. However, we suggest that you consult our Certifications page for detailed information, such as: prerequisites, values, mono-sheets and documents to support independent study.

PSTQB offers all its Exams in English, German and French. However, the ISTQB® CT Foundation Exam Level is also available in Portuguese (from Portugal).

Yes, the ISTQB® Certification Exams do not require you to attend an Accredited Training Course beforehand.
You can apply for the Exam, after doing some independent study.

On the Certifications page of our website, you can find the supporting Syllabus for each Certification level.
You can also consult the official ISTQB® website ( and take the available Training Exams.

Note: We do not recommend taking Training Exams that are not made available by ISTQB®, otherwise the subject matter being assessed will not conform to the parameters set for the Final Exam.

The PSTQB after the control of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 infection, started to take the ISTQB® Certification Exams remotely/online.

You can register in two different ways:

  1. By filling out the online form;
  2. By filling out and sending the form in .pdf.

A PSTQB accepts payments via bank transfer, ATM reference and credit cards.

The Payment for the Examinations must be made at the time the application is completed.
Examination requests that are not paid for at the time of registration will be disregarded immediately.

The schedule for taking the ISTQB® Certification Exams are entirely chosen by the Candidates. However, it is up to PSTQB validate their choices and availability.

Note: Certification Exams must be held on business days and times, i.e.: Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm.

The Exams can be scheduled no later than five (5) days before the desired date.

The result of the Exam is shown, after you finish taking your Exam. (Unless you choose not to see it.)
Confirmation of the result and sending of the certificate are made by e-mail, to the address you indicated in the Registration Form, up to 48 working hours after finishing your Exam.

Yes. PSTQB is, in short, the representative of ISTQB® in Portugal, and all Certificates issued are valid anywhere in the world.

By default, the Certificates are issued automatically in Portuguese and in English.
Should the Candidate wish to have his/her Certificate in another language, he/she should request it from PSTQB.

The cancellation or postponement without associated costs, is conditioned to the presentation of the respective justification and subject to the analysis of PSTQB.

After missing without prior notice, you may justify your absence up to five (5) days after the day on which your ISTQB® Certification Exam was scheduled.
The excuse should be sent to Rui Miguel Cardoso, through the email address
If no justification is sent, it is considered an unjustified absence and any amount already paid will not be refunded. New registrations will have to be paid again.

A PSTQBdoes not conduct training activities, but collaborates with the following entities that it recommends for ISTQB® training:

  • Prof. Ana Paiva, through the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (F.E.U.P.);


  • Bruno Santos, Independent Trainer;


  • SQS Portugal, through its partner OLISIPO;


  • WinTrust, through its partner RUMOS;


  • Angular Consulting;


  • TesterYou