Exam Booking

Remote Proctoring

To cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, ISTQB® has approved the use of Remote Proctoring so that all interested parties can take the ISTQB® Certification Exams remotely, without having to go to an authorized center for this purpose. 
PSTQB, true to its mission and purpose of serving the Portuguese software testing community, makes this new service available through its partner GASQ.

Book an Exam

In view of the above, at the moment, we do not have a defined Exams calendar.
We therefore request all Candidates to indicate the best date and time for their ISTQB® Certification Examination when filling out the Exam Request Form.

All ISTQB® Certification Exams are being held remotely/online, and can be scheduled for all weekdays and times, i.e.: from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

1. Depending on the duration of the Exam, the start time may vary;
2. A marcação do Exame é considerada efetiva, após confirmação da PSTQB.

If you have problems filling out the online Exam Request Form, please fill out the PDF form.

For more information, contact rui.cardoso@pstqb.pt.