University Partnerships

How important are Partnerships?

They help create an involvement of the PSTQB with the academic environment, favorable to the creation of synergies that contribute to the creation of added value. In terms of diversity and quality, both for the results of the PSTQB and for the teaching, research and technological development promoted by the Universities.

Articulate and develop initiatives with a view to adapting and enriching the curricular plans already taught in the courses taught, namely, Professional Higher Technical Courses (TeSP), Undergraduate, Masters, Postgraduate. They develop new graduate or post-graduate training offers, which simultaneously contribute to a qualitative improvement and a greater demand for the Universities' training offer and to a better adaptation of the graduates' training profile to the needs of the Portuguese society. PSTQB.



Promote the discipline of testing among the younger classes


Facilitate access to accredited and internationally recognized Training and Certification


Giving the student a chance to enhance their curriculum


Broaden the visibility of the University's commitment to building stronger bridges with the labor market


Raising awareness for new doors in the Labor Market for Testing professionals


Increase the number of certifications in the area of Software Testing in Portugal


To provide contact with the labor market, with direct involvement from organizations that operate in the market


Contribute to the increase in the number of testing professionals working in the Portuguese market and to their qualification


Interested in partnering with us?

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