3 Ways to Stand Out in the Software Testing World

For those wishing to progress in their professional career, here are three suggestions that will enable you to stand out in the world of Software Testing:

1. More and more companies are demanding ISTQB® software testing certification for tester/QA roles. So if you don't already have an ISTQB® Foundation Level certification, don't waste any more time!
This certification is mandatory before any other, and can really help boost your career path, enabling you to progress in your current company, or even get a new job.

2. Having an ISTQB® Foundation Level certification is the first step in the right direction, but companies like their employees to develop their knowledge, so you should also look for other ISTQB® certifications. Fortunately, the PSTQB has all the available ISTQB® certifications at its disposal: not only those focused on specific areas, such as the ISTQB® CTFL Mobile Application Tester or even the ISTQB® CTFL Gambling Industry Tester; but also the more common ones, such as ISTQB® CTFL Agile Testing; and even the most recent one, which has aroused a lot of curiosity in the community, such as ISTQB® CTFL AI Testing.
On the other hand, you can also take more advanced levels if your career requires it: in this case, ISTQB® CTAL Test Manager and ISTQB® CTAL Test Analyst, or even ISTQB® Techincal Test Analyst are good examples of steps to consider.

3. If you are interested in securing an ISTQB® certification, please do so through PSTQBwith the support of an authorized training entity, or even independently if you wish.
If you are successful, don't forget to update your CV and profile on professional social networks, as well as keeping in touch with other testers/QA's on the market.


Original article translated and adapted from the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB).