Software Error Erases Games from PS5 Consoles

According to reports on social networks and forums, in recent months a software error has affected PlayStation Network (PSN) users, causing their games to be removed from their transaction history, making it impossible to use them. Initially, this problem was detected and exposed by a user on the Reddit social network.

"In recent months, there has been an error affecting a relatively small number of PSN users," the publication begins. The bug allegedly involves unlinking games purchased and titles added to your library via PlayStation Plus (PS+) from your transaction history. Specifically, this bug seems to be related to game licenses, which caused players to receive the error message CE-117773-6 when using them. 

According to the author of the original post, affected users may notice that their transaction history appears to be working correctly, however, the "Purchased" tab only shows the titles that were added after the error - "When you try to download it, you will be asked to buy/add it on PS+, but if you try to do that, the system will tell you that you already have the content." In practice, according to this user, the installed games affected by the bug appear with a padlock icon and are not launched.

Since it was published, the post has received thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments. "We need lawmakers to pass laws that protect consumer rights when it comes to digital goods," said another user. It's true that digital property has a number of advantages over physical games, being quicker to load and avoiding the accumulation/storage of disks. Nevertheless, they have a major drawback, since they are subject to companies being able to withdraw access to games at any time. This is not the case here, but vulnerability to errors and glitches have prevented people from temporarily accessing their games.

On the other hand, there were those who defended Sony, saying that all software is subject to bugs at any time - "There is no widely used software that doesn't have bugs," reads the same publication.

The author of the original thread also offered some tips for users who may be affected by the supposed error: "My recommendation for anyone who gets an error message when trying to launch a game that was previously released normally is to first go to and check your games library - "Take a look at the 'Purchases' tab and make sure it matches your complete history of games purchased/added on PS+", he added. He also left a warning: "If anything looks wrong, don't run the 'Restore Licenses' command on your console."

The US Sun contacted Sony for comment, but has not yet received a reply.


The original article via TheSun and USTimesPost can be read here and here.