We live in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times (VUCA World) and only a high level of training and a continuous learning mindset can provide us with the best attributes to meet all the challenges that the acceleration of digital transformation brings us daily.
As IT professionals and due to the involvement that Testers have in the software development lifecycle, we have the responsibility to prepare ourselves in the best way to rise to the challenges and generate the greatest positive impact in everything we do.
This context intersects more and more with the purpose for which, in 2010, the PSTQB was created: to promote the professional career of those dedicated to software testing and to foster the knowledge of this community.
We are doing everything so that this cycle in the PSTQB is guided by a clear commitment to the development of initiatives that promote and enhance an increase in benefits to members, both individual and corporate.
To all the volunteers, business and individual associates, higher education institutions and the community in general, who work with us in the promotion of all the initiatives, I want to leave my deepest gratitude, because this only makes sense and will have more impact, if it is done by all, for all!

Nuno Baptista Rodrigues