Introduction to Performance Testing with Apache JMeter

This webinar aims to demonstrate the first steps on how to do performance tests on software, based on a combination of a brief theoretical introduction and the preparation of the first test using the open-source tool Apache Jmeter.
It is aimed at any enthusiast/curious in the matter and does not assume any prior technical knowledge.

The session will be structured as follows:

  • Introduction to Performance Testing
    o What is performance testing?
    o Importance of performance testing
    o Types of performance testing
  • How do you do performance tests
    o What is a test script?
    o What is a test scenario?
  • From theory to practice using Apache JMeter
    o How to make the first test script with JMeter
    o How to run a test scenario with JMeter
  • Tips and references
  • Questions



3 March 2021


Teams Platform


5:00pm - 6:00pm


Nuno Rodrigues

Performance tester with hands-on experience in more than 20 small to large scale projects, national and international. His portfolio includes final clients such as IKEA, Costa Coffee, King's College London, EDP, Jerónimo Martins, Santa Casa da Misericórdia, etc.