Apple Fixes iPhone 15 Bug

According to a statement, Apple said it would update the iOS 17 operating system, which iPhone 15 devices run on, to fix a bug responsible for these devices overheating. The US giant is also working with developers to make changes to applications that "overload the system".
The fix for this software error, which has since been released, has been made via a software update sent to the affected iPhones: "This update provides important fixes; security updates and resolves an issue that may cause the iPhone to heat up more than expected," according to the update alert.

Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms, has made changes to its social media app in order to prevent these overheating problems on the new iPhone with iOS 17. Other apps, such as Uber and the video game Asphalt 9, are still in the process of releasing their updates, according to Apple itself. The "iPhone 15 Pro Max heats up very easily. I'm just browsing social media and it's on fire," said one user in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter). The Wall Street Journal reported last month that the iPhone 15 Pro Max heated up to 112 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 44 degrees Celsius) when performing processor-intensive tasks, such as gaming, and when it was being charged.

It's not unusual for new iPhones to heat up unusually during the first few days of use or when they're being restored with backup information stored in the cloud, problems that Apple has already pointed out to users. The devices can also heat up when using applications such as video games and augmented reality technology that require a lot of processing power, but the heating problems with the iPhone 15 models have gone beyond these typical situations.

The original article via CBS News can be read here.